Features and Benefits


The MÜLIBEX line of chairs were designed specifically with a unique geometry to allow 3 seating positions while maintaining maximum comfort. It’s the ultimate in versatility. NO MORE cramped knees, flipping over, or even worse – having to roll out of your chair because it’s so low to the ground.


We have sourced the lightest, strongest materials, and our innovative design allows you to carry a much larger, more comfortable chair into the backcountry than compared to our competitors of similar weight.


The MÜLIBEX line of chairs are at their best on a rugged alpine mountain top, but work equally well at your kids soccer game, while fishing, for a day at the beach, or just sitting around the backyard fire pit.


We understand what it means to spend hard earned dollars and have the feeling that you’ve gotten a great product at a fantastic price. We’re born from humble beginnings and we are determined to drive our costs down while maintaining the highest quality and integrity. Ensuring your trust in us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The MÜHL chair is a lightweight frame that locks onto your existing trekking poles and covers it with a fabric seat. Using your trekking poles to create the frame allows you to carry less weight overall without sacrificing any of the comfort.

How do I use the MÜHL chair?

Simply slide the stop locks onto your existing trekking poles. Insert your trekking pole into the adapter slots and rotate into position. The adapter will lock onto the pole and rest against the stop lock. Pin it. Once the frame is assembled with your trekking poles, place the fabric seat over the frame. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a hot meal next to a crackling fire after a long day’s trek.

Can the MÜHL chair be used on uneven terrain?

Absolutely Yes! This chair was designed for the rugged outback, not the flat hard surfaces that most other chairs require for stability. The MÜHL chair excels in the worst of environments because of its adaptability to terrain, slope, wet soggy ground conditions, and even snow. Because your trekking poles make up the frame of your chair, the front legs can extend independently, and snow baskets can be added.

When will the first MÜLIBEX chairs ship?

First shipments scheduled mid year of 2018. Shipments will begin in the order received, and may take up to 6 months to ship the entire backlog of preorders. We will provide status updates routinely for when your order will be available to ship.

Are there any other MÜLIBEX products?

Yes, right now MÜLIBEX is offering the MÜHL and CAPRA chair for preorder, but there are several more hybrid-light products to follow. We hope you’ll enjoy the versatility of our new designs as much as we love creating them.

Do I need trekking poles to use the MÜLIBEX chair?

The MÜHL chair requires that you use your own 3 segment telescoping trekking pole, while the CAPRA chair does not require any trekking poles and has a fully integrated collapsible frame.

“MÜLIBEX is a hybrid-light gear company that is taking a quantum leap into the future of the outdoor industry with innovative products that maximize the usefulness of every piece of gear that we design.”

Vision Statement


“MÜLIBEX at it’s core is a hybrid comprised of the best in all of us. Extracting those traits of strength, integrity and selflessness, combining them with rugged “humble” endurance.”


We don’t just want to create novel outdoor products, we want to push the outer most limits of useful innovation to enable us to go further, faster, longer and higher in every adventure or endeavor.


With the help of our local communities, we will help those that would not otherwise have the opportunity or resources to get into the great outdoors. Together we can accomplish anything.

Mission Statement


“We will deliver equipment with unparalleled product quality while continually driving down the cost of our products with a relentless pursuit of efficiency and infusion of technology


MÜLIBEX will listen to our customers and seek feedback for improving every aspect of our business.


We will collaborate with our customers because we love what we do and are addicted to creating the lightest most durable minimalist products on the market that exceed all applicable industry standards.”